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Information about Pressing, Hot Combing, and Straightening Black, African American, and Kinky Type Hair

This site is for people with black, African, and kinky type hair who want to know more about "pressing" or straightening hair with heat. 

In the context of hair care, the term "pressing" means taking a heated hair appliance like a flat iron or a pressing comb and running it through the hair to straighten the hair. 

Pressing, if done properly, provides a natural alternative for women with tightly coiled, kinky, and very curly hair, who want to wear their hair straight, either sometimes, or all of the time, and would like to do so without chemicals. If done properly, the effect of straightening with heat is temporary, and the hair reverts back to its regular texture when it is washed. 

This site looks at what it takes to press hair without damaging it in the process.

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