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Information about Pressing, Hot Combing, and Straightening Black, African American, and Kinky Type Hair

Q&A:How To Press Hair Using The Back Of The Comb

Question: How do you press your hair using the back of a hot comb. I have this product from luster silk that says you spray on, let dry, and press using the back of a comb. I have an idea of how to do it but my hair is thick dense and coarse and I have a feeling that this might not leave me happy. 

Answer: What they mean when they say "press using the back of the hot comb" is that you take a small section of hair, put the comb in the hair, and twist once, so that when you are pulling the comb through your hair, you are applying pressure using the back of the comb which is hotter than the teeth. You don't pull the comb through your hair like a regular plastic comb, you pull it so that you are running the metal bar (the rod part) through your hair. 

If you go to our page on how to press a section of hair and look at the photo next to step 3, you can see how I have the comb twisted so that as I pull it through my hair, the back of the comb is applying pressure to my hair.