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Information about Pressing, Hot Combing, and Straightening Black, African American, and Kinky Type Hair

How To Do a Silk Press

The Silk Press (also known as a Hollywood Press or a California press) is the technique of pressing Black and African American hair so that it is silky, light, and soft to the touch, not greasy and stiff. This page shows how to achieve a Silk press on natural hair with Northwest Scents natural black hair care products. We do not recommend this for relaxed or color treated hair.

If your hair is long we recommend that you work with your hair in sections so that it will be easier to deal with. Just separate it into four or five sections, and loosely braid each section.

  1. Shampoo hair with Northwest Scents™ moisturizing shampoo (to cleanse hair and scalp, and leave it soft and manageable). Rinse thoroughly. Shampoo again and rinse thoroughly.
  2. Apply Northwest Scents™ extra rich conditioner to roots and work through to the ends of the hair. Gently comb through hair in sections to detangle. If you need to add extra conditioner do so, so that the comb can move gently through the hair. This process softens the hair and detangles it. Leave conditioner in for ten minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly.
  3. Gently blot hair dry with towel to remove excess water. Let air dry until your hair is damp to the touch, not dry, and not soaking wet. Use a blow dryer to finish the drying process.
  4. When hair is completely dry, it is ready to press. Use a flat iron or a pressing comb to press your hair. Before pressing each section, apply a small amount of Northwest Scents™ hair oil from roots to ends of hair to seal in moisture. Read our tips for more information on pressing hair.